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Lisa Luciano, Partner
Lisa manages our New Jersey branch of Access Transcripts, LLC and is a lifelong resident of New Jersey. She began her transcription career in 2001, became a New Jersey Certified Agency Transcriber in 2003, and became a New Jersey Certified Agency Director/Transcriber in 2005. She attained her AAERT certification in 2005 and remains an active member in good standing.
Ilene Watson, Partner
Ilene manages our Indiana branch of Access Transcripts, LLC, was born and raised in Arizona but has lived in California, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and now resides in Indiana. Ilene began transcribing in the mid 1990s, but began her self-employed transcription career in 2001. She attained her AAERT certification in 2007 and remains an active member in good standing.
Founded in 2013, Access Transcripts, LLC provides transcription services for court systems nationwide, including bankruptcy courts in 26 states, district courts in Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, with more courts being added all the time.  

Lisa and Ilene have drawn on their decades of experience to cultivate a highly skilled, professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated team of certified transcribers and proofreaders to assist with all of your transcript production needs.  
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Alicia assists with workflow, transcript production, and quality control. She has 11 years of 
experience as a transcriber and 
acquired AAERT certification in  2008.  She has experience in 
both transcribing and proofreading 
hearings at the federal, district, and state court levels, as well as 
interrogations, board meetings, 
depositions, and insurance statements. 
Alicia Jarrett, Assistant